Sunday, 19 June 2011

Naka Nickie

Quite often, we take things for granted, I know I do. One thing I defiantly take for granted is the amazing talent of my pal Nickie McGowan.
Oh here she goes banging on about how awesome and talented her friends are, but if they weren't my friends I'd still be banging on about it, but they are so there!
Nickie is an amazing photographer, something I found out not long after I started getting to know her, a few years down the line and I just had to remind myself and everyone how great she is. You see these days I just take it as a given she will take an amazing photo and why would I ever need to take a camera anywhere(despite studying photography for a year and half i am beyond rubbish at taking photos)when Nickie will take a whole load of amazing shots.

But she's not just there to capture all the fun times we have, she's there to capture everything else. A rare talent, she manages to capture people in their natural state, whether they're striking beautiful, quietly awe inspiring, deathly serious or proper cheeky. With her camera and a brick wall Nickie can create the best images ever. Check her out, she's dead good!

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