Friday, 23 September 2011


So last weekend saw me heading to Sheffield for Kandy's roller derby debut! her first public bout as Cyndi Slaughter #83 for Sheffield Steel Roller Girls against some rad lasses from Nottingham Roller Girls!
I was super excited to see her do her stuff, I took my seat and watched with her sister and dad and she and the other girls, skated, jammed, fell, knocked and all round wore me out!!!
It was a good bout and Sheffield took the win, WELL DONE LADIES!!!
Next up was the UK's first co-ed bout (that's boys and girls vs boys and girls folks!!!!). Members of Manchester's, Lincolnshire's, Birmingham's and Nottingham's derby teams, teamed up to form Average Joe's vs Purple Cobras (yes just like the film Dodgeball!). I opted for supporting Average Joe's because everyone likes an underdog (plus this team had members of Manchester Roller Derby in, so I had to!).
The bout was a nail biting one, a real close call but Average Joe's won in the end!
The day finished off with a roller disco, where I attempted to skate round without getting tired. Roller discos are hard, I can only just skate on wheels never mind dance, but I love to dance.
Disco smoke included, fun was had!
*photos taken by Jason Ruffell

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