Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hello we are Bis from Glasgow Scotland...

I have a confession, I have a secret love. A love of singing, in a Glaswegian accent.
I can't help it, I can't sing but give me a good Scottish indie pop song to sing along to and I think I'm the best singer EVER!

It all started in the mid 90s when my (second) favourite band was Bis (my first Placebo, I liked black bobs A LOT back then). and then a whole host of other Glaswegian bands fell onto my radar and I was hooked.
But then all those bands, well disbanded and it wasn't until I heard ONE TWO THREE FOUR and ARE THESE ATOMS? THESE ARE ATOMS! out of the mouths of Danananaykroyd that I remembered my secret passion. And it came flooding back, it's not just singing either, I've been reading Grant Morrison's Supergods book in a Glaswegian accent too!
And now they are no more.

And so in honour of those Scottish bands, past and (not for much longer) present, here are some of my favourites, sing along as Glaswegian as you can (even Urusei Yatsura who sound more 'American' and I met hottie Fergus in the late noughties and he is totally from Salisbury/shrewsbury/somewhere more south than Manchester!).

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