Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An interview!!!

This is a picture of us taken by Kate Holmes last week.
Kate is a PhD researcher writing a thesis on what part technology and social media plays within DIY culture.
She got in touch with us a few weeks ago asking if she could interview us (HELL YEAH).
We had a great time, I mean we LOVE to talk, and talk about ourselves! Speaking to Kate made me realise how much of a role the Internet does play in the making of Sugar paper (even though I love calling myself a technophobe!).
After the interview she asked if we had thought about/ been asked these kind of questions before (IE why we do what we do) Kandy said no, I said yes, as I think A LOT and have been interviewing myself about my various projects from a young age!
But then I paused and said not really, as much as I think about it, we never really get asked, not in depth, it's usually a few stock questions. It was nice. To question yourself, take a step back and think why DO we do this.
It made us leave feeling really glad that we do.

I think it helped that Kate was super nice (she bought us tea, was sporting a Tara McPherson watch and likes Harry Potter AND Lego, WIN WIN for us!) and asked us questions referring to craft and community, which we're passionate about!

You can read the post Kate wrote about us here and check the rest of the blog.

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