Thursday, 18 April 2013

May Madness!!!

May is my favourite month of the year. Probably because it starts with my birthday! But also, I love Spring and usually spring has sprung by May.
This year though I'm not as excited by my birthday as I usually am, it's two weeks until it and I'm not shouting about it (this isn't shouting about it!!). I don't know if it's because I'm turning 29 and I'm not into that, or because I'm super skint, or because it's just come so quick. Anyway Last year I celebrated at Lego land, this year I'm just getting all my favourite people round for a pizza party!

May is full of birthdays, mostly my family, but I have two bff's birthdays two weeks prior to mine (two weekends of birthday fun happening in the next two weeks, AW YEAH!).
But May also has some awesomeness. like Yiiikes! (the art collective Kandy and I have formed with Alison) having our debut Exhibition.....

You know it's going to be awesome!

And one of our other Bff's, Nickie, is having her debut exhibition May 4th-7th of her awesome photography.

so you know May is gonna be the best!! (and it has two bank holidays, free comic book day, and we're doing Victoria Baths zine fair, RAD RAD RAD!)

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