Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Old Mother Shipton.

Old Mother Shipton is a Yorkshire witch that lived some 500 years ago, who prophesied through poems!
She was born an illegitimate child to a young girl, who gave birth in a cave during a storm and named her Ursula!!

Last week we wanted to go on a daytrip, we considered staying local (to me) and going to Jodrell Bank, or going a way out to the Pencil museum in Cumbria. But in the end we settled on North Yorkshire, to Knaresborough to visit Old Mother Shipton's cave!

We had a great day and it only started to rain the moment we got into the car to leave WOO!!

The cave itself is pretty small but next to it is the petrifying well which turns things to stone, which is either science or magic, whichever you choose to believe. You can go round the back of the well and put your hands in the water and make a wish!

There's also a 'museum' that features petrified objects (some from minor mid 90s celebrities) and bits of tat to buy, and it smells proper fusty!

After all that excitement we hit the charity shops and had chippy tea!

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