Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All I want for Christmas.....

So here is our Christmas list, a little later than usual and sadly full of a lot of self promotion (sorry, not sorry!).

Winter, is a magical time, we love it here, all the lights and the changes of colour and the snow, it's beautiful. BUT in reality I live in Manchester and Winter is just another season where it's cold and wet, very wet.
I don't do very well in the cold and my hair can't take the wet, plus I work in retail so I'm super tired in Winter.

So as much as I like to imagine I'm taking brisk walks and frolicking in the snow, I'm inddors watching my favourite films and TV (pfft I'm pretending I'm a winter Recluse, but it's an all year round thing!).

In short, our list is for those loved ones of yours that too like to curl up in their pj's in the warm indoors!!

For your off centre pal: Do you have a friend who likes knitted things and David Lynch? Well then Kandy's latest Knit and Destroy collection is Inspired by twin Peaks!! It's the best thing she's ever done FACT! And if you do have to go out in the cold, you can keep warm. Collection includes scarves, cushions and a brooch!
get it HERE.

For your child of the 80s sister: My actual sister totally wants this. things she loved growing up; Lego and the Back to the Future trilogy. So what she would actual love IS this Lego Deloreon!!Hours (well minutes if you're a professional Lego builder like my sister and I) of fun, indoor fun!

For your magical mate: I bet everyone has a friend who likes Harry Potter. If you do then you need to go to the HP studio tour. This is a treat for people who don't even like Harry Potter, just to see props, sets and costumes is so much fun. I know I've been. PLUS it's like 98% indoors!

For your super cool sidekick: Who doesn't like Daniel Clowes' Enid Coleslaw and her bff (sidekick) Rebecca?!? Who doesn't like giant eyeballs? Who doesn't like T-shirts. I like all three and I would love one of these from Mishka NYC.

For your penpal: Speaking of Enid Coleslaw (and Twin Peaks Audrey Horne) check out these postcrads made by me (Seleena!). Anyone who has a penpal probably loves stationary, and most likely the odd postcard or too. So what you do is buy a postcard pack for your friend, send it to them and hope they will send it back to you with some words on the back WIN WIN!
This three pack also contains everyone's favourite hummingbird Dawn Weiner. Images taken from a felt triptyche I did where I took some of my favourite fictional characters and reimagined them as POC! Get them HERE.

For your felt tip owning friend: Have a friend who loves nothing more than colouring in? Well you know what they need in their life, a Paul Rudd Colouring book!!!!! I know that's what I need and I don't even like colouring in!
Canadian art collective Team Art also sell many others including a Parks and Rec one and a Voldemort one! Check them out HERE.

For your child of the 90s BFF: If you have a friend who thinks Jared Leto leans great then you need to get them this postcard set. At the time of writing this blog I was still trying to figure out where you can get one (my friend Nick picked it up at London's Queer Zine Fest at the weekend). I'll keep you posted. But look Jared's beautiful face + inspirational quotes!

For your cat loving, slayer supporting total recluse mate: I love almost everything on Stay Home Club, even the fact it's called Stay Home Club. Form their no friends tee to recluse baseball top. SO GOOD! also check out this Stay Home and watch Buffy patch!See everything HERE.

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