Sunday, 19 January 2014

Seleena's best songs ever!

My good friend Em got inspired by an article she read where Thurston Moore picked his 38 favourite songs and picked her own (check it out HERE).
I told her she picked some choice tunes on there, she said she's like to see my list.
And so here it is. I thought about just putting it on my own blog I use for my art (I might even cross post it) but I thought if I put it here Kandy could put hers here too.
I compiled this list in about 20 minutes (so it's safe to say I'll probably disagree with it all 20 minutes after posting it).
A lot of my favourite band are in here but then not necessarily my favourite songs by them, so I'm not sure how the list came to be.

I think it's just a combination of songs I could play over and over again, songs that remind me of a time/place/person or my karaoke songs! (it's not in any order)

Lisa Loeb - Stay (I missed you)

Discount - On The Counter

Gossip - Jason's Basement

En Vogue - Free your Mind

Jimmy eat World - The Middle

Placebo - Bionic

Excuse 17 -Watchmaker

Bis - This Is Fake DIY

Hang on the Box - Asshole I'm not your baby

Andrew WK - Party Hard

Subdebs - Don't mess with us

That Dog - He's kissing Christian

Hole - Violet

Sleater-Kinney - Dig me out

L7 - Shitlist

Cadallaca - Trouble with Public places

Sweet Sensation - Sad Sweet Dreamer

Tuscadero - Nancy Drew

Mates of State - Fluke

Lit - My own worst enemy

Cub - Magic 8 ball

The Blow - Parentheses

Longstocking - Jehu on a rollercoaster

Kenickie - Can I take U 2 the cinema

Bratmobile - Real Janelle

Destinys Child - So good

Idlewild - Everyone say's you're so fragile

Bikini Kill - Rah! Rah! Replica

East 17 - Steam

Rondelles - Safety in numbers

Bangs - Sweet revenge

Go Sailor - Ray of sunshine

Helen Love - Does your heart go boom?

TLC - No Scrubs

Urusei yatsura - Strategic Hamlets

Elastica - Stutter

The Capricorns - Sunset over Malibu

My Chemical Romance - Famous last words

Sadly I couldn't find videos for all of the songs, and the ones I can't find videos for are absolute belters!!


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