Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Cornershop

Kandy and I were in London his weekend to celebrate our friend Holly's birthday. Whilst we were down there we knew we had to pay a visit to 'The Cornershop'.
The Cornershop is an art project by Lucy Sparrow, who has made over 4000 felt versions of your favourite snacks, newspapers, cigs and booze, cornershop food essentials and much more out of felt the housed them in an unused cornershop space in Bethnal Green!
Two things I love are felt and snacks, so this was going to be a treat for me. Also most of my own artwork is made from felt, and in fact I recreated some my favourite teenage possessions and exhibited them last year (Make a Cup of Tea, Put a Record On).

So this cornershop was right up my street!


All items are placed on shelves, in freezers, behind the counter, just how they would be in a real shop! And like in a real shop, all items are for sale!

The whole exhibition is really fun and easy to relate to, who hasn't been in a cornershop?!

all my faves; Snickers, Peanut M&Ms and Starbar.

Sadly, pickled onion Space raiders not my faves UGH (gimme beef!)

Lucy working the counter!

I papped Kandy dreaming about Hubba Bubba.

The fact that the shop space is used as opposed to a mock shop in a gallery space just added to the feel, made it feel more real and completely accessible. Placed in the heart of an East London community it lacked any of the elitism of a lot of art spaces!

If you are in or around London go see it, it runs until the end of August.

More in formation HERE.

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