Friday, 21 November 2014

All I want for Christmas...

Not to scare you all but Christmas is just around the corner (I can't believe it either, despite working in retail and it been 'almost' Christmas since early October, it still feels super soon!) so here we are once again with our gift guide.

This one is jam packed full of awesome stuff, something for everyone in your life, be it ghouls or grrrls, astronauts or aliens, monsters or mermaids and witches or weirdos.
Or just a list full of stuff to get yourself!

Ghouls....A bunch of gifts for the spooky in your life.
Everyone likes to have a dance, even the undead, so why not go for the latest album from the best scouse/ horrorpunk band ever Zombina And The skeletons, heck get their entire back catalogue from HERE!

They might also want to adorn their walls with ghoulish art, so how about this print from Camille Rose Garcia?

Grrrls....Need something for the rebel grrrl in your life? Then try this super zine (that's actually a book inspired by zines) Double Dare Ya. Full of writing and cool artwork inspired by the riot grrrl movement.

Not much of a reader? And or super stylish, then you need to gift this Wacky Wacko grrrls tee, featuring a whole host of awesome ladies women and grrrls.

or maybe they want to relive their youth? Then this Sleater-Kinney vinyl box set is a must (someone buy me this please thanks!). No turntable? No worries, who needs a record when you can see the band LIVE, yes Sleater-Kinney have reformed and are off on tour next year!


For all your cosmic pals and intergalactic loved ones.
Keep them clean with this mutli coloured bath bomb from Lush (Honey scented but containing no honey, for all vegan space cadets!).

Teen-C space invaders who want to stick stickers on their jetpacks could do much worse then to stick on this Tara McPherson sticker.

And yeah space is awesome and there is so much to explore, but everyone needs a little downtime and or gets bored, so how about this bumper knitting book pack in a super spacy tote from Knit And Destroy!

Aliens...Want your alien friends to phone home and tell everyone how rad you are?
Those from another planet who like to veg out* would love a boxset of the complete X-Files (I'm not from another planet nor do I veg out ever BUT I would still love this buy me this thanks!).

It might be cold for aliens here on earth so keep their feet warm with these awesome socks from Modcloth and Rip n Dip (respectively).

But my alien friends are total babes/ Hole fans, fear not this Miss Universe tshirt from Sister Ectoplasma is one for them! (I have this so no need to buy it for me, but it is totally awesome!))

What about those stylish aliens that like to wear a nice shirt? Then these Mulder and Scully collar pins from Sweet and Lovely will look great.


Monsters....Monsters aren't always mean and they deserve gifts!
Want to tell your scaly, green, bug eyed monster friend how much you love them? get them this Monster Tshirt from You Were Swell.

Or give them a squeeze with this Peggy Noland Squeeze Me dress.

For those more stay at home Monster children of the 90s then the complete collection of AAAHH! Real Monsters is a  definite yes! (I was lucky enough to get a bunch of DVDs from the pound shop, so always keep your non monster eyes peeled!)

Mermaids...Got some fishy friends living on land? then stop them missing home with these treats.
For when they grow legs to walk on the ground, keep them scaly with these shorts from Hellcat Clothing.

And to remind them of the beautiful colours of the sea, instead of the brown soil, try some Barry M nail polish aquarium range.

And to adorn their walls, this beautiful print from The Black Apple will be great.

Put your friends under a spell this Christmas with these bewitching gifts.
Who doesn't love a zine, or poster or some original art? You can get all three from my latest art project All Of Them Witches.

And what witch doesn't like nail art? Then grab them these nail decals by Sara M Lyons.

Or how about this handy guide book? By everyone's favourite art Witch, Dame Darcy, is the handbook for Hot witches (I have bought this for many a witchy friend and for myself!)

And not forgetting those witches who dress like Cyndi Lauper, they need this Not All Witches wear Black postcard set from Bunny Bissoux.

Weirdos...And gifts for all of the above and everyone in between, THE WEIRDOS!
For the superstitious sister and psychic pal, these pins are perfect from Explorer's Press.

Things that people think are weird; feminists, cat ladies, witches, pfft what do they know? Maybe your friend is one of them or hopefully ALL THREE! then they need this Tshirt from Jessicka Addams!

Speaking of Addams', treat your weirdo mate to some Addams family trading cards from Bunny Bissoux's online shoppe.

Not forgetting the weirdo art friend, they need this rad book The Graphic art of The Underground by Ian Lowey and Suzy Prince.

And last but not least, maybe they want to wear their weirdo badge with pride, then this Craft inspired Tshirt from Killstar is a YES!

And not forgetting the ultimate stocking filler, an issue of Sugar Paper zine, for the creative and crafty or those who just love a laugh!

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