Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hesitant aliens, dark matter, disobedient objects, dancing and slash.

This past weekend I took a trip down to London, and I had the best time!
Friday saw me head to Brixton Academy with my friend Nick, for the first time in years to see Gerard Way. Anyone that knows me know I am a BIG fan of Gerard's work, his music, his comics, his art, his generalness, so I obviously had a GREAT time!
If you want to go to a gig where you get to pogo like it's the mid 90s, get served some sass, shout outs to the trans* community, young women and talks of mental illness taboo, posi vibes, art and to see someone enjoy being on stage probably more then you enjoy being there (which is a lot!) then GO SEE Gerard Way!

Saturday saw us have a big breakfast followed by having our minds blow at Peter Harrison Planetarium. We saw  a show called Dark Universe that was a visualisation of what make's up 95% of the universe, all the parts you can't see. Whilst some of it went over my head, I got the gist of it and the idea of infinite space ALWAYS blows my mind, but it was sooo good and what felt like the closest I will ever get to floating in space! The gift shop could have more fun things though, all I left was a bookmark!

Then we hot footed it over to the V&A to catch Disobedient Objects.

This was too good, it's only on until this weekend, but go and see it if you can! It made me angry and sad and riled up, all by a bunch of stuff in a small room. It was a bit like stepping into a 90s rave with the music and neon and scaffolding, but it had lots to look at and think about, protesting through great crafts, modern devices, jewellery made my inmates in solitary confinement, political activism through inflatable cubes, how to make a tear gas mask, guerrilla girls, graffiti, real life mocking jays and so much more!

When I left it made me want to stitch up a storm and angry dance to Atari Teenage Riot. Instead we went to get some super tasty homemade ice cream and peruse the science museum shop (again had nothing for me!)

Headed home for some pizza before dancing in a pub to all the best emo pop punk, YAY!!
Then the weekend was topped off by hanging out with my other bff Holly, eating a roast dinner and Dime cake and playing the best game ever, Slash!

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