Thursday, 14 April 2016

Springtime zine time

Zine season is upon us and to get things started we are tabling at one of our favourite zine fairs,
Sheffield Zine Fest.

This one is on Saturday 30th April 11-4pm  (and is the day before my birthday)

It's a bit of a double trouble zine weekend as on my actual birthday, I am doing a reading as part of Poor Lass for Salford Zine Library's 'stage' at Sounds From The Other City, on Sunday 1st May.

Get to dance to Tacocat and Martha too, best birthday ever.

I am likely to be accepting payments of cake* for zines in Sheffield! 

*I like a nice lemon drizzle or sticky ginger cake, fruits, nuts and flowers welcome (hello pistachio and rose!!!)
just not chocolate.

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