Saturday, 15 August 2009


I have just experienced a serious craftastrophe! A few days (actually probably weeks) ago I got out my glue gun, it was working fine then the next day I got it out again, nothing, it was cold and not working. I put it away and thought it's probably just the fuse. So today I decided to change the fuse, I need to use that bad boy, so I changed the fuse. It already had a 3amp so I just changed it to that, and when I plugged it in it made a huge POP noise and sparked, holy shit I thought, then I noticed on the plug it said 13amp so I tried one of those, this time when I plugged it in it made one mo-fo of a giant POP and spark and tripped all the electric in the house, I think I may have even jumped back a couple of feet. I got closer to my glue gun and yeah it had kinda exploded inside, it has definitely died.
This is a sad day, that glue gun has been part of family longer than my little brother (who is almost 17) and now the little Bostik is gone.

RIP lil blue Bostik glue gun.

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