Sunday, 4 July 2010

Coolest couple in Ches.

Just got back from a weekend in Chesterfield, what's there aside from a crooked spire I hear you say, well only the coolest couple ever!!
We have
Kandy, who is not only one half of this here Sugar Paper but the mastermind behind Knit And Destroy. She has a super sweet new website up, that monsiuer Ben had a great hand in making. He is of course the other half of Chesterfield's coolest couple. Ben has also had a hand in the Sugar Paper pie, doing us a few illustrations and today helping us with some screen printing.
YES that's right we have been screen printing up a storm, all part of lots of exciting stuff going down at Sugar paper towers.....all to be revealed soon!


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BLCooney said...

Cheers duck!