Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More tea Vicar?*

So I spent part of this weekend selling Sugar Paper's wares in Sheffield (more on that later).
The stall holder next door but one to me looked familiar, when I realised it was this lady:
A member of Sheffield band Plouf!. I think I last saw them at Gojonnygogogogo all dayer which was on the night of the final of Pop Idol with Will Young and Gareth Gates!
Elodie of Plouf! fame was selling zines, and even though in a not so previous post I was banging on about Cath Kidston loving, tea drinking crafters, I will admit I LOVE a good cup of tea.
So I was totally impressed to see she had made a tea zine, complete with a free tea bag (I got cinnamon!, with a matching tag to the zine! DETAIL!!).
The zine came around when after moving to England from France, Elodie picked up our love of drinking tea! In the zine she asked friends how they like to take their tea.

Here's how I like to take my tea:
I put the milk in first (much to the disapproval of most other people), then the tea bag and then the boiled water. Swirl the tea bag around, leave to brew for a few minutes, give it a final squeeze then drink, sometimes with dunked biscuits.
My favourite mugs are:
My black Placebo mug, I drink my tea out of this every morning (and only in the morning).
OCD, a gift from Nickie, I use this at night but mostly in the day if I'm off work, used for specialty teas as I can see the colouring better as it's white.
Andrew mug was a gift for my sisters ex boyfriend like well over ten years ago, I just love the shape of this, usually my night time mug.
Hairspray mug, was a snap at only £5, haven't used it for a while but was my work mug when I had a shop.
Teas I like to drink:
Twinings everyday and English Breakfast.
Earl Grey.
Fruit teas.
Lady Grey.
Vanilla Green.

I used to take 6 sugars in my tea, but eventually weened myself off, now have non and cannot bear sugar in it!

*More Tea Vicar was a game on The Big Breakfast, I used to love this show (cuz I love anything associated with the 90s!) my sister and I are currently trying to track down Big Breakfast memorabilia!


BLCooney said...

Milk in first?!?! Sacrilege!
Bag in, water on top...mash for a long few minutes (sometimes I wander off and start doing something else and forget I'm 'brewing'...much to the disapproval of a certain someone!)...squeeze bag with spoon, bag out, milk in, a few clockwise stirs, one stir anti-clockwise for good luck...job's a good 'un (as Bez might say)...at no point will milk touch bag (although if you're mashing, I wouldn't say no!)...I'm also glad you weaned yourself of the halfdozen sugars!

Hey, I thought that was our house at first! We have exactly 50% of those mugs (as you know)...I have fave mugs, and they all have names...Tradesman's(good for tea AND coffee), Harlequin (mainly tea)...

This post reminded of an article i read recently while on my tea-break at work:
Read it here!

I love tea me...

Sugar Paperette said...

Ha, loving the article!
Does this mean, with my milk in first madness, I won't be making tea round yours anytime soon?!?!

BLCooney said...

I'll never refuse a cuppa...so feel free!