Monday, 23 August 2010

Craft Idol # 7

Shauna Richardson - Crochetdermy

Here at Sugar Paper we do like a good museum...from dinosaurs to textiles to toys, but big taxidermy animals (the kind you get at Manchester Museum) are always a firm favourite. I found out about Shauna Richardson's awesome work in one of my mum's crochet magazines, I know, I should be 'ahead of the game' with the latest yarn craft, anyway, I was super-excited to see how this lady had turned yarn into these awesome animals and thought you might like it too..

Shauna came up with the term Crochetdermy to describe the work that she does, because in her words ' When say that I crochet animals, it often creates a stereotypical image in people’s minds' ... this kind of craft is right up our street, no floral chintz here, just pure flawlessness.

Shauna is currently working on a piece for the olympics involving 3 crocheted lions, which will be touring in 2012, I can't wait to get to see the animals up-close...for more pics you can check out her website.

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Sugar Paperette said...

these are amazizzle!!