Friday, 13 August 2010


So, like ten years (read as three weeks) ago we went to our first indiepop festival, Indietracks.
Here's what we got up to (remember I'm writing this three weeks later so events maybe be exaggerated!)

The best part of Friday was spent buying the essentials to go camping with, Super noodles, Iced gems, Roysters, The National Enquirer!

All this fannying about and eating pizza meant we set off later then expected, but it's OK we're only half an hour drive away, WRONG! we were half an hour drive away but our lack of getting actual proper directions meant we got a little lost!
We found one end of the site but it was the wrong end, eventually we asked for directions and made our way to camp.

We then set up camp:
Had a little walk round (spotted FOUR yes FOUR Cath Kidston tents, twee or what!!!) and did the important things you do at a festival, EAT! I tell you, our camping stove is hot! The best shade of blue ever.

We finally stopped faffing about and set off on the tractor train to where the music happens.

We missed Allo Darlin' and Veronica Falls but managed to catch the last of Eddie Argos' new side project, Everybody Was In The French Resistance now, if I wasn't aware of this before I would have been after the band's new song 'Formed a side project' (yes done to the tune of Art Brut's formed a band).

Saw some pals. Think we then did a little dancing and headed back to camp. Didn't go to the disco there as we are old tired people, but it sounded good, bit of Helen Love. Instead we were trying to sleep an figure out what to use a pillows as we forgot ours FAIL!

Also didn't appreciate blasting 2 and a half Smiths songs at 4am, not a fan of The Smiths at the best of times, never mind when trying to sleep!

Fake celebrity spots (IE poor mans versions of):
-Zac Pennington -Jared Leto -James Corden -Aid Edminson -Jherek Bischoff -Oliver Reed

Today was the day of our workshop and this stressed me a little! but not as much as the shower queues, jeez! how long does it take a lady to get ready, TOO LONG! yes I don't wash my hair often so that cuts down my time, but yet again I don't shave and prune myself for four hours whilst at a festival, get in, teeth wash me pits and bits, next thing you know I'm ready. Also girls at indie pop festivals queue up for the shower in floral dresses, FACT!

Pre shower stress we manged to brew a nice cuppa and have some cereal with frozen not frozen milk. And post shower stress managed to have an ice cream, always a winner.
The sun was well and truly shining so we went on a nature trail (mostly saw ducks and trees) before walking down to the site.

We tried to see Jam on Bread on the train, but the carriage with the music was too full, so sat a carriage away admiring the views chilling out and stuff.

Think we may have watched The Smittens then and some other bands before we went back to collect our workshop stuff.

This was when the stressed kicked in, I like to be organised and suddenly had like a few miutes turn over between workshop, so all my organisation went out the window. Then began our 20 things to make and do workshop (although there was only 18 as, inevitably we forgot some things!!).

The workshop went quite well I think, everyone there seemed to enjoy it, as predicted the felt owl was the favourite thing to do, origami was another favourite.
And before I knew it, the workshop was over, I stressed for most of it!

The stress was soon gone, and the fun began. Hanging with our pals Amy, Mel, Helen and Gemma, seeing more bands.

I got very excited about Tender Trap and they were our favourites of the weekend (a lot of that had to do with Amelia Fletcher's daughter singing along, word for word by the side of the stage!).

We must have taken our workshop stuff back to the campsite and had some tea, of Supernoodles with cashews and sweetcorn, oh yeah! I think someone was repeatedly playing Oasis on an acoustic guitar, swift exit back to decent music!

We watched some more bands, but I can't remember who!!
Next thing you know it's nightfall, it's chilly and we're all dancing around to The Primitives BIG HIT. They didn't even play it at the end, pfft!

Had a a few dances in the giant shed then headed down to the campsite disco, we got there nice and early so we could have a proper dance, but it seems the best disco was the night before. We asked for Girls Aloud (it said they play that) but got the response 'not yet, later' IE when everyone is drunk, god forbid playing pop music in a non ironic way. This signalled bedtime for us and away we went.

Kandy had to tell some people off for blasting drum and bass from their car right near our tent, honestly at an indiepop festival!

We figured out a much better set up which gave us some kind of pillow, that coupled with the not as loud disco meant a much better nights sleep!
( Our poor mans celeb spots today included Jemaine Clement and Billy Corgan).


So it was packing up day, boo. Well I left Kandy to pack up the tent as I refused to give in for a shower, purely because I refused to believe people would take THAT long to shower it turns out they do, pfft.

The sun was shining again, so we got our brunch of an ice lolly and sat on the grass of our once placed home (read as tent).

We packed everything in the car and drove to the site.

Today was the day we became tourists!! Starting off with a look at the old buses (where Kandy got excited as one was the number of a bus she used o get to school). Then to the museum, pictures taken which would later be turned into amazing GIFs.

Mini train ride in the sun (I secretly hope my drawn on, with melted pencil, eyebrows, don't accidentally melt off.)

OH YEAH, now would probably be a good time to say, Kandy and I thought it fit and funny to wear Team Edward t shirts on this day, this caused something of a stir, a lot of amused faces, mostly confused!

We wanted to cover all the attractions, so it was then off to the mini railway followed by the shop. The sun, coupled with our almost matching outfits, and the fact that Kandy last visited The Midland Railway when she was little,and let's throw in the 20p tattoo in an egg machine and a packet of iced gems, meant we turned into our 11 year old selves.

We managed to see some bands too, we watched The Millipedes in the Church (where I got a load of spiders pray in my hair, dead flys in my fuzz bonce ugh!!), Internet forever in the big shed thing.

We treated our sens to some on site food for tea (seeing as we packed up the mini hob and nearly eaten all the Roysters!!) We had a well tasty curry, that we sat on a train to eat.

Wandered aimlessly some more, had a little sit down in the car (why were we so tired, to much fresh air!!). I then took my own booze in, I thought screw it it's the last night, the security are passed caring.

Walking over to the big shed business, I'm sipping at my posh cider, when out of nowhere some jobsworth appears and says 'Did you buy that on site ', knowing full well I didn't, I just played dumb and asked could I not drink it, he said no and I best drink it of site or I'll get thrown out, jeez! Later I realised I should have flashed my performers wrist band and said 'its off my rider!'. But alas I went and sat outside the cafe sipping my illegal booze, most twee throwing out ever.

Actually I think before that is when we had a cup of tea in the cafe, (Poor mans Alan Carr spot)which was great time as it just started to rain, first time for the whole weekend. We came out and then watched Slow Club on the grass, who tried to bring the sun back out, but sadly weren't successful.

I think I may have gotten a bit moody then because, even after going on about it all weekend, I only managed to watch like 5 minutes of The Pooh Sticks!

We did enjoy watching headliners The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from a distance and nosying around the desolate trains.

Before getting a bit eager and waiting for the Atta Girl disco, a little too early (it was running late!). But it was worth it, had a rate good dance, so much so my trainers got proper dusty, best dance of the weekend.

Then it was all over, back in the car and a drive home whilst I shoved Roysters in my slightly drunk mouth.

We really enjoyed the rain free, twee fest, train tastic of a weekend, I would do it again, but with pillows.

(for more pictures go here.)

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