Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and how My Chemical Romance Saved my life a week too early!

So this week started with a huge up and has been followed by a series of downs, this due to the fact I work in a fancy dress shop and it's Halloween!!!!
Let's work in reverse order.....

The ugly:
CONSUMERS!!!! Seriously how people consume has made me re think life!
Currently I am reading a book recommended by my great friend Leesey, where it is mostly set within a shopping centre (that of The Trafford Centre variety as opposed to Manchester Arndale) but still it's scarily close to home.
i don't understand what it is about buying a bit of cheap fancy dress that turns 90% of the Brie public into rude, ignorant, messy and downright ugly people, I just don't get it!!

Why can't everyone just dress like this:

The Bad:

The fact that I used to love Halloween and now I kinda hate it!! THIS SUCKS!!!!!! I did I loved it, it was definitely one of my favourite holidays. I love dressing up, last year I tried to make a great effort with my 3D woman but my tiredness meant it wasn't what it should have been, I'm hoping this years effort will be one to rival the year before when I dressed as a Tara McPherson painting!
Treat yer sen to a viewing of my favourite folk who think everyday is Halloween:

The good:
Getting my life saved! Sadly it would have been more welcome the Sunday after Halloween week, but you can't win em all!!
Yes MCR saved my life!
I last saw My Chemical Romance in 2005, so I was stoked to see them again, after a temporary glitch where I couldn't get tickets, but luckily knopw people who know people, we got them!!
I will keep this brief as I don't want to bore you, but I HEART MCR!!!!
They played a rate good set, stuff from all three albums and only four new songs, win win! I love the fact that Gerard Way only just got the 9t6 memo 'Colours are coming back, colours are dangerous....' love the fact he discovered not only black suits him!! Not sure about the 'art is coming back' statement, did it go anywhere?
Love the new look, it's proper 90s and ray guns thrown in! I think perhaps they had a trip to a planetarium before making the new album, and went to a euro 90s gay disco on the way home, because that's what the new songs sound like, they found the synth key and they are not afraid to use it.
My favourite part is the gang mentality, not the CH5 program, Danny dyer on cable type gang, but I got a flick knife and a close fitting leather kind. I wanna be in a badass girl gang.

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