Thursday, 7 October 2010

Peaches Christ saved my life at Midnight Mass!

So last Saturday saw me in a big grump, a proper grump! A grump so big I wasn't particularly excited about the cinema viewing I was to have, that was until.....

I arrived at the Cornerhouse to be greeted by Melanie and Kandy an d group of angry librarians! YES!!!
Librarians protesting against the filth that was about to be screened, protesting against Peaches Christ!
The folk passing by (families of Rugby fans getting the train, teenagers, clueless students) didn't know what to make of it, neither did the Police apparently, when two appeared by foot and later the dog unit van!!!
I suddenly began to shake of my grump and get excited.

We eventually entered the cinema, to the dismay of the librarians and upon entering were greeted by horned musicians playing the saw and the theremin, outer-this-world!
We took to our seats and I was a bit upset that I hadn't made much of effort as some folk were dressed to the gore nines (see earlier grump to explain this).
The seats filled, the lights went down, then the show really began!

It doesn't take much to please me, People in usher outfits, girls dressed as usherette twins handing out dixie cups, librarians shouting abuse, all this pleased me, but not as much as the entrance of PEACHES CHRIST!!

She took to the stage, followed by a gang of dancing monsters, the biggest hair I have ever seen, welcoming us all to Midnight mass in the form of song, swoon!!

What followed next was an outfit contest (if I had known there were prizes I might have tried a little harder!) a bit of banter and another protest! Peaches told us all how underneath Librarians are the filthiest, sexiest of all, all it takes is the right music, cue the sleaze tunes and cue the stripping, lap dancing book lovers!!!!

Another musical number and the film began....

So I don't want to ruin the film for those who haven't seen it yet, but I loved All About Evil. From the awesome opening credits, to the final scene (one of the best scenes in cinema history FACT!!). It has everything a film should have, you can't go wrong when it stars Natasha Lyone, Mink Stole and ELVIRA!!!

I always loved Natasha Lyone, but now I REALLY love her, she was amazing.
My favourite bits were; Just Natasha Lyone, gore craft (stitching and knitting as you've never seen it!!) Cassandra Peterson referring to Elvira as if it isn't her (lolfest!)and Twins stabbing each other TO DEATH!!

After the film, we had a mini task obtaining money to buy merch (damn you students queuing at EVERY cash machine) then we cursed ourselves for not taking a camera so we cold have photographic evidence next to the fabulous Peaches (we would have just looked dull in comparison anyways!!) and we left. Not after hearing the best part of the evening.... someone puked down the aisle GORExCORE!!!


BLCooney said...

I love it when you (meaning me or 'one') is feeling rather poo and go along somewhere thinking 'hmmf...I don't even wanna go'...and then you (meaning I or 'one') totally dig it...and you're poomood is totally lifted!

(Just shitty you have to get in the 'mood' in the first place!)


Colouring Outside The Lines said...

Raddest night in bloody ages!! xox