Monday, 14 February 2011


So I arrived in London, Saturday afternoon, to be greeted by Nick and Holly sporting the Party Poison masks I made them and Fun Ghoul bandanas. The levels of excitement reached new heights!

We hopped on the Bus back to Holly's after grabbing chips and onion rings from Ed's Diner. a quick Killjoy change and off to Zone 4 (Wembley Arena) TO GET CONTAMINATED!

Here's where it turned a little sour. It seemed London didn't want us to get contaminated. We jumped on the bus and it wouldn't take my oyster card as the first journey somehow cost me £7. London ate my money! Then we got stuck as some kind of accident had taken place on the Jubilee line. Eventually we got to our destination, but it took like 2 1/2 hours!

We perused the merch (I got a t-shirt and pondered getting some pencils). We ate a hot dog, we complained about the support bands (we were still in the food area at this point!) I had a cup of tea to try and clam myself. We scoped out the Killjoys. Saw a girl with Ramona Flowers hair and an ace Scott Pilgrim back pack. A mum and her daughters, one of about 8 with her backpack, pleather jacket and body warmer, my favourite Killjoy of the evening. I was excited and nervous. never having seen MCR in an arena (my first time was at Manchester Apollo in 2005, my second and last time was aslo at the Apollo last October, I missed the whole of The Black Parade Tour, for reasons i can only put down to stupidity!). We then decided to go in.

HUMID is not the word, it was so hot and the half hour wait seemed like an eternity. Until the big screen above the stage started showing screen shots and slogans, getting everybodies attention, cheering. making me nearly do a wee.

The curtain came down, the lights went black, the Dr Death Defying's intro blasting out. Wembley Arena shouting back louder. NA NA NA kicks in, curtain drops and I scream like a child! (I earlier stated I was going to scream like Kathleen Hanna at the start of her career!).

I won't go into too much detail, I have friends yet to witness this. But I will say this. Despite the fact the only props were the helmet and a flag and that I was hoping for them being lowered in in the trans Am. IT WAS THE BEST EVER!

No props, no outfits, just them and YES!

The lighting was spot on, from spotlights, colourful back drops, party lights and epileptic inducing flashes sound tracked with bombs. It worked.

I sweated to death almost right up to the closer (Helena) and tried to carry on for the encore of Cancer(not my fave) and Vampires Will Never Hurt You(by this point I was stood near a bunch of fans who were going nuts for this, opposed to earlier on when no ones knew the words to songs from Revenge and I looked like a mad woman!).

The other song from Bullets was Lady Of Sorrows and non single Revenge tracks were Give 'Em Hell Kid and Hang Em High. The choice of new tracks was spot on for me. Vampire Money was too early in the set, I wasn't ready. I think I really like Sing now, especially when the whole crowd shout KEEP RUNNING. Party Poison, Planetary (GO!) and Destroya had me dancing like a mofo. Summertime was a welcome treat. I enjoyed Kids... and The Only Hope... more live.

I was also pleased with the choices from Black Parade, replacing I Don't Love You with Mama and everybodies favourite anthem Famous Last Words.

The highlights for me were Helena, just to see Ray Toro rocking out Frank style. And Teenagers. I cried during Teenagers. Now Teenagers is by no means one of my favourite MCR songs. But just before the song a girl threw an awesome jacket she had made on stage Gerard picked it up and said it looked good and thanks (Frank was looking totally jealous by the way!) and went to put it down until Wembley erupted into a chant of PUT IT ON PUT IT ON. to which he did and kicked into Teenagers. The camera (for the big screen) was on the girl who gave him the jacket (who Holly informs me was one of the girls who got on stage to sing OLOS at the last London gig). It was her face that made me cry, her shock and utter happiness at witnessing Gerard wear her jacket. I'm soppy!

All in all, the boys total delivered. I now love this band more than I ever did (if that's possible) and I can't wait for complete contamination on Friday.



Claire said...

it sounds so good! I love my chemical romance!!!!

Sugar Paperette said...

It was! Are you getting to see them on this tour? Also I was being nosey and you have ace music tatse!!