Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A F*CKIN DEATHWISH

So the whole purpose of this blog is to document the things, Kandy and I, as a unit, sometimes separately, as Sugar Paper, make and do. It's where we gush about the things we love and talk all things craft (OK probably a lot more popular culture than craft goes on).
So this blog post may seem a little out of place. But I like to post often, and right now what I'm making and doing isn't related to Sugar Paper, so excuse me just this once.

My feminism, it isn't a fashion statement.

This year I will be one step closer to thirty, which could and should probably mean a lot of things, but I'm more likely to be worrying about then lack of wall space I have for postcards, or when is the next MCR record out than what I should be doing for my age.

But recently I have taking time out to stop and look around me and think about being younger and how I have changed. Because as much as your teenage self would loath to admit it, you DO change, and I think i have grown up. Not in the expected terms, I don't have a career, I still live at home, I'm currently wearing hello kitty pyjamas.
But what I've always been afraid of is not growing up, but growing stale, growing complacent, growing out of being angry.

When you're a teenager you ARE angry. Quite often you don't even know why you're just royally pissed off, inwards, outwards, just out and out angry. You get older you realise you're still angry. Just a different kind of angry.

Only being angry isn't very becoming as you get older, or so I'm led to believe.
All those angry people I once knew seemed to have disappeared.Thrown away with their teenage memorabilia. The fight is won. sexism, racism, classicism, homophobia doesn't exist.

As A working class black female, I can tell you it does.

Growing up for me didn't and doesn't mean becoming comfortable, feeling that these issues no longer apply to me therefore are non existent. It means still being angry about these injustices, but just learning to direct that anger and channel it in a more productive and proactive way.

so, yeah, my feminism, it's not a fashion statement, it's a f*cking deathwish.


Claire said...

f*ckin yes!!! I've had big blown out arguments over my feminism this week after a girl in my class said 'I believe a man is the head and a woman is the neck that turns the head'.

This post is all cool and introspective and I've just been an angry teen feminist here, ruining the whole good-angry vibe but I can't really help being such an opinionated* person.

*haha, I meant angry again.


Sugar Paperette said...

NO angry is good! And if you can't be angry when you're a teenager when can you?!

You stick to your feminist guns!