Sunday, 1 January 2012

Seleena: My Year In Lists....

So, 2011 had it's fair share of ups and downs, for friends, family and myself, it seemed everybody was falling apart at the seams (you may be aware I started the year of with a long, lingering nasty eye infection, not a good start!). But who wants to dwell on the bad, we want to remember the good.
So here it is, my high points of 2011, a paragraph of positives, my year in lists... (in chronological order, obvs!)

Grrrl gang fun at YSP*Diego Luna*Quitting a job I hate telling my boss she's a dick*Finding a new job pretty quickly*Making bold statements calling myself an artist*TEAM KILLJOY*Craft Fairs*Zine Fairs*TEAM CARAVAN*(Best)Welsh birthday*Portmerion*Tap dance debut*Family do*Zine making*Nickie's birthday otters*Impromptu trip to Belgium*JEW & MCR (in daylight)*Grant Morrison*Surprising pals in London at Bad Rep*PARIS* Parisienne fun times with me besties*Getting tattooed by SUNNY BUICK*TBS*Kandy's Derby debut*Pinup Pop up bowling*HALLOWEEN!!*Dananananaykroyd*Eating*Making shit*Charlotte's Christmas tree pizza & Jam*Home Alone at the cinema*Christmas*Christmas cooking*YSP.

Hoping for many more adventures in 2012!

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