Thursday, 29 December 2011

Endangered Species...

So, if you skip all the way back to the beginning of the year on this blog, you'll note that our first road trip of 2011 was to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, so it seemed fitting that our last road trip of 2011 was there too, it all comes full circle.
Only this time our gang was just the two of us (Kandy and I), I didn't have a gammy eye and snow wasn't covering the ground, in fact it was gloriously sunny, I wrapped up so much remembering the frostiness of our previous trip, that I was almost sweating!

This time round there were two amazing exhibitions for us to visit, the first being Endangered Species by Donna Wilson.
This one was obviously like porn for knit freak Kandy, but I loved it too.

Not just her knitted pieces, Donna had featured some illustrations and watercolour paintings too.

But the best part was the installation of knitted creatures and tress and things, featuring some of the best colourways I've seen in years!

The second exhibition is by the awesome and lovely Rachel Goodyear.
Having previously only seen her work in illustrated form, it was a joy to see other works including 3D pieces and animation. So good.
We also took in the sculptures on the grounds too, because we just love art!!! We liked this giant coat a lot (giant/miniature things always a winner at camp Sugar Paper!).

We're an interactive kinda pair too, just look at us here getting in on the 90s euro looking sculptures....

We then acted rate posh and had our lunch at The YSP cafe, where Kandy probably gave herself pink wee eating sooo much beetroot, before browsing the gift shop and heading home.

The Rachel Goodyear exhibition sadly ends next week, but Donna Wilson is on until the end of February, catch them both if you can!

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