Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Every Snowflake Is Different....

It's Christmas, a time to get well crafty and make a shit ton of well shit!
So all my Christmasses came early the other day when i discovered one of my favourite bands are appearing on one of my favourite (modern IE post 90s!!) shows.
I then had a sudden urge to make paper snowflakes (I make it sound like it was completely unconnected). And after just making a load to go onto friends Christmas cards, I realised I probably haven't made any since PRIMARY SCHOOL, what the hell! (i do have an aversion to paper crafts).
Well I was going to have a mini make and do right here, but due to a number of things (time constraints, lack of equipment to take pictures and just pure laziness) I'm not, but I will say for any oldies who have forgotten how to make them and seem to end up with a big pile of cut out triangles and not much else,
here's a paper snowflake tutorial for you!
And because I'm super nice, an early Christmas present.....

(ps MCR, Tori Spelling, Leslie Hall, hello dreams!!!!)

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