Friday, 23 December 2011

You Guys Give Up , Or You Thirsty For More

So on Tuesday, Kandy, Katie (my oldest friend) and I went to the cinema to see HOME ALONE!!!

I saw this at the cinema when I was a child, all the way back in 1990!! And then I became obsessed with it, got it on VHS and watched it solidly for a good few years, all year round, not just at Christmas.
It's the one film I know every line, every nuance, every shoulder shrug. So I was super excited to see it on the big screen again.
I noticed two things I had never noticed before, a Bruce Springsteen video above the VCR and a full built gingerbread house near the kitchen TV (what a waste, I mean the McCallisters were supposed to be in France!). I also realised Kevin IS a massive brat. Oh Macaulay, how you never fully formed into an adult!
It got us all feeling very festive and nostalgic for family films that once were, before the world became so PC, they'd never let an 8 year old bare a firearm these days!


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