Sunday, 6 May 2012


So Kandy and I are BIG Lego fans, like that time we went to The Lego factory for Kandy's birthday. We are also pros at guessing what's in a Lego mini figure pack too! I spent a large part of my childhood playing Lego with my big sister. We loved (freestyle!) making Lego houses, we made some of the best Lego kitchens I have ever seen, we were pretty good!
Anyway I decided my 28th birthday should be spent doing something I've always wanted to do,
so I went to LEGOLAND!!

Kandy, Katie and I headed to London on the Friday night. Then Saturday morning we collected Nick and Holly and set off for Windsor. The man at the train station totally gave us some super deal with Legoland, bus and train ticket combo, he was a good man!
We got on the train and realised it wasn't going to get sunny, but we didn't care!

We arrived and it was busier than I thought (but still pretty quiet) lots of families sporting Lego plastic ponchos. We figured it was going to rain all day, so why not get wetter and go on the log flume!

The whole day was awesome, there were more rides for adults than we thought (pirate ship(one of my faves) mini waltzer type(also one of my faves) river rapids and a roller coaster I wasn't scared off).
Because it was cold and rainy it meant the park wasn't rammed, so we didn't have to queue for hardly anything (we did queue over 20 minutes for the worst ride ever!). Which meant we could ride the Dragon roller coaster multiple times and get some good ride photos!

I also really enjoyed the mini hedge maze. And looking at all the Lego models.

Towards the end of the day we headed over to Atlantis, not sure what to expect. It had dried up a little by this point and when we went inside it was soooo warm. We had to get into a giant Lego submarine! and we got to see Sealife through the bottom, so good.

As I said, it wasn't just the thrill of the rides, we took in some Lego culture, The Star Wars exhibition was amazing (even if everyone in there was an idiot).

And mini Lego world was great, loved the Dutch houses and the windmills and I wish London was this size...

The day went soooo quick and I think you do need tow days there to take it all in (especially if the weather is better). We were having the most fun (and the staff saw this, the woman in the photo collecting booth said one of our ride photos was her favourite of the day) it wasn't hard though because everyone else was soulless and hated their lives AND posh kids and parents haven't got any manners!

We headed to the big shop (where I was very restraint, only bought two mini figure packs earlier in the day) I was pushing through all the rude kids at the mini figure table struggling to make anything, when an afro gave me a flash of inspiration and I made an Angela Davis and Black Panther pal!!

We left just as the park was closing and admired our Lego tat and photos. Headed back to Holly's, took of our wet clothes, Kandy and I styled some Kigus (thank you Holly for mine!) ate party snacks and played heartthrob, best board game ever.

Sunday was spent having a mind blowing experience at the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, but that's another post....

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