Saturday, 12 May 2012

Yayoi Kusama

So as I mentioned in the Legoland post, my birthday weekend was also spent taking in some culture in the form of the Yayoi  Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern, which was AMAZING!!!
We got there and it was mad busy but the sight of the giant red polka dot balls soon stopped us moaning (as did getting in for free thanks to our Tate working friend Holly!!)

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who has been making art since the 1940s, she's still making art now and doing it all with amazing red bob hair!

There was so much to see and I love a good retrospective, at first you see early works and wonder how they relate to later works but then with all the stuff in the middle, you see the link.

Yayoi has created art in so many mediums, from sculptural, illustrations, paintings, collage and installations.

I love love loved her later bright paintings and earlier collages.

But most of all I loved her installations. Kandy had to leave the room and re-enter in 'I'm Here, but Nothing' as I witnessed her mind being blown.

And Infinity Mirrored Room was just magical and also mind blowing trying to figure it out. I could live in that place.

An exhibition hadn't made us feel that good and inspired in such a long time GO SEE IT!!!!

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