Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Art is smart

So we've been a little quiet here recently. We've been busy, looking at and making art!

I (Seleena) had my birthday then  straight after that our awesome friend Nickie (AKA Pam Van-damned) had her debut photography exhibition.

It was sooooo good to finally see her beautiful pictures printed, framed and mounted!! She also had some life size cardboard cut outs of herself and some cool merch. Such a good night!

(photos by Lee Baxter)

The following week, in the same space (2022NQ) was Krys Fox' photography exhibition. Krys is from NYC and I met him through Nickie. A great selection of portraits, fake DVD covers with his Halloween series and a corner of fake foliage and a stuffed lamb!

Then a week after that, Yiiikes! the awesome collective Kandy and I formed with Alison debuted our first work together (but that deserves it's own post).
Our friend Holly wrote about it HERE.

Which brings us to today, where I did that thing I always do, which is see an exhibition just before it ends!
I went to Manchester art gallery to see the Raqib Shaw exhibition.

This was so good, so many beautiful colours and so much detail and MORE FAKE FOLIAGE!!!!

I had never seen work that incorporated enamel and illustration AND rhinestones  (although I must admit I did for a moment wonder if the rhinestones were Swarovski, that's what almost 4 years of working in a bead shop does to you!)

And don't even get me started on the sculpture.

On a whole, a complete fantasy land, the colours/detail/technique blew my mind, and even though it ends this week, I urge everyone to go see it!!

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