Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We invented the Post It....

So a couple of weeks ago we headed to London for our amazing pal Nick's birthday.
There was a gig happening with all our favourite people in some awesome bands playing and I (Seleena) got asked to DJ.
Last year for my birthday Nick got me the best present EVER, my name tattooed upon his skin in a blue heart. I KNOW RIGHT!
SO I persuaded Kandy to miss a derby bout to come down for the weekend so I could give Nick a gift back, we were to dress up as characters from his favourite film and dance for him...

so we did, we dressed as ROMY AND MICHELE!!!!

We watched the bands in our normal non spandex  clothes, then as Manchester's finest, Joyce D'vision reached the end of her set, we ran to the toilets for a quick change.

The last song of my set was Cyndi Lauper's Time after Time, so we danced around Nick ( we didn't rehearse this, as you can tell!)

We had a great time, the sun was out we went to the park twice, had two ice creams, hung out with a bunch of rad folk and danced until we nearly sweated to death.

We are available to hire if you ever need a 90s film duo for an event, corporate/family/social you name it we'll do it!!

Also if you have to go to some poxy school reunion and think everyone will laugh at you because you're not some heteronorm (they wont because YOU ARE AWEOSME) then tell them you invented Post Its! here's the formula for glue....

Vinyl acetate, the monomer, is CH2=CH-O-COCH3, or

The polymer is made up of units like this:


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