Tuesday, 25 February 2014

90s mum or hipster?!?!?

This weekend my sister Sy and friend Katie came over for my mum's birthday. We sat watching TV and the selection was poor. We ended up watching 90s gameshow celebrity Squares!
I invented a game 90s mum or hipster!*

* so I have noticed that 90s fashion is in in a BIG way right now, something I sometimes can't handle as the 90s never left my heart. I also know the whole let's make fun of hipsters thing is both negative and a waste of time. My definition of this is someone who thinks they're cooler than you because of how they look, also somebody that spends a lot of money on something that was probably £6 from Clockhouse back in the day!

Anyway it seems Lesley Joseph came out on top as she would be bang on trend right now!

Then yesterday we went to visit my nan who gave us a box full of holiday photos (we spent our summer holidays holidaying with my Nan and Grandad in Filey).
Which gave us lots of laughs playing hipster or 90s mum.
I mean check out this picture of my mum in the 90s, if those trainers were New Balance, she would be so trendy now it would hurt!

My sister and I were too super fashionable.

So much so I thought everyone would want to re-create our 90s looks , and you can......

The Seleena Look

Also check out this hipster photo shoot!!

Ps here is a bonus hot, that time my sister and I were in a Wes Anderson film **

** JOKES everyone knows there is never more than on POC in a Wes Anderson film at any one time!

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