Saturday, 1 February 2014

I want to be impossibly beautiful and wear stupid outfits!

So I finally got round to watching Kaboom, and as with every Gregg Araki film I watch, the feeling I went away with is 'I want to be impossibly beautiful and wear stupid outfits'.
So I'm writing a post about it.

I first discovered Araki's film in my late teens when I went to stay at my friend's Nick and Paul's flat after a night out. Nick decided what everyone needed at 3am is to watch Nowhere.
I was totally into it and not long after watched Doom Generation.

Some years later I still follow Araki's work. Only now I wish I dressed a little more like I did when I was younger (only way better). Back then even before I saw Nowhere I loved to wear bright colours and my favourite fabric was plastic.
I wore some mad shit that didn't go together and probably looked awful in hindsight, but I thought I looked good.
I still own lots of mad shit but I never get to wear it. I go to work, tap class, youth zone and Asda mostly!
I'm going to start going out more (even though I'm too lazy and prefer to spend money elsewhere). But I love to dance and I got me a whole load of mad shit to wear to pretend I'm in a Gregg Araki film!

who doesn't want an outfit to match their walls!

Plastic coat, stuff of dreams. Black bob, also stuff of dreams!

I've always loved a bit (lot) of colour co-ordination.

Never dressed as a box of tampons, yet!

One thing's for sure, when the world ends I'll look impossibly beautiful and be wearing a stupid outfit!

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