Monday, 26 May 2014

London and it's yarn art!

Last week I headed to London, I was supposed to go and see The Julie Ruin, but the gig was cancelled, but I still got to hang with friends, go to a Becky Cloonan signing and surprise my sister with a Lush spa visit. I also got to see two awesome exhibitions:

Kandy Diamond- Death By Knitting
Prick Your Finger

Ok so I was obviously going to love this as it's Kandy's exhibition, but what's not to love about knitted film posters that are 3D!!!
Yes that's right she has machine knitted posters from movies that feature murder by knitting in some form or other and once you put on some red/blue 3D glasses the posters come to life! SO GOOD!

She has also made a zine to accompany the exhibition!

And 11 year old me particularly enjoyed seeing a knitted 3D Devon Sawa!

Miss Van- Glamorous by Darkness
Olek- Let's not get caught, let's keep going
Stolen Space gallery

I was super excited to see some Miss Van art up close and personal (thanks for the heads up Kellie!)
From street art to fine art, it was a joy to see those signature pursed pout ladies big on the wall. The collection at SSG was very Marie Antoinette meets magical forest party: Pastel hair, venetian masks, animal heads nude ladies, so good!
This was in the back room and in the front was work from Olek, another rare treat. A close friend of Miss Van (her show title is a quote from Thelma and Louise) Olek's work is an interpretation of some of Miss Vans pieces. She swapped paint and canvas for real life models, photographs and of course what olek is known for CROCHET!!!
The images were amazing and the walls were covered floor to ceiling in grey crochet, ARGH!

It made me want to go home and get way better at crochet. Also whenever I see a form of craft or textile art in a gallery space I get excited because I love to see traditional craft skills getting excepted as art!

I think it's totally fitting to just leave this song here....

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