Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So far being 30 is rad: Part 1

A couple of weeks ago I had my birthday and I turned the big 3 0!
I know, as Aaliyah said 'age ain't nothing but a number' and I suppose I was only concerned by turning 30 because it makes everything I love seem so far away (note to self in a future life don't adore 90s culture as when you get old it will make you feel older!). But my birthday celebrations were some of the best!

It Started on Thursday, my actual birthday where I went out for fancy cake at Slattery's with my family and ate this amazing cake that was a vanilla sponge with crème fresh covered in green marzipan with a pink rice paper flower on the top. I'll be honest I mostly got it because of the colours but it was super tasty.

Then later that night we filled ourselves up again at an all you can eat with more family and friends. All you can eat food isn't the best but I just think the idea of them is fun, I just like being all ohhh what do I wanna eat where in the world do I wanna go!

Friday was my party day. A party I entitled WORLD HAPPINESS DANCE (see above re love for the 90s). Which involved balloons, dancing, friends djing, all the best people in one room, corn snacks and the best cake ever, made by my friend Charlotte, it was giant and blue and had my face on and the inside was the colours of the Jamaican flag!

It also involved mock movie posters that starred myself and party bags containing postcards of the posters and sweets and glow sticks!

I got to dance to all my favourite 90s tunes, eat and hang out with all my friends. BEST TIME EVER!

Melissa under the ballon arch!

90s Nick with some balloons!

The next day was a seaside trip. I wanted to go somewhere I'd never been before and we settled on Llandudno.
It was so nice, pastel coloured buildings, sea, and cable cars! we got there late and so didn't manage to do much, but we did go on the cable car and eat some chips and have a go in the arcade. Definitely going to go there for a weekend some time!

Sunday I was having a mini rest before heading off to SFTOC. Yiiikes! (the art collective Kandy and I are in with Alison) had an installation in one of the rooms, we turned it into an upside living room! We hung around a little then went to see Las kellies (who were ace) before heading home.

Monday was a day of sorting stuff ready for my big trip to NYC!!!! (that's another post!)
BIG thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me in same way or another, it was one of the best!

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