Thursday, 30 June 2016

International zine month

It's July tomorrow, which means International zine month.
As with every year, I will try to follow it and realise I haven't done anything the day before it turns August!

I do have a few zine things I might try and complete during July....

Sugar Paper:
I think issue 17 is over halfway done and should definitely appear before July is over. It's full of sparkly things, unicorns, sweet things and bffs, and should be sponsored by food colouring!

Poor Lass:
We're still taking contributions for issue 7 of the zine I co-edit with top lass Em about being working class. This issue is about race and I have yet to write my piece for it.
for more information about the zine or contributing to issue 7 GO HERE!

Crisp zine:
After a few years of saying I am going to make a zine about crisps, I am FINALLY making a zine about crisps!
I've started some pieces I want to feature and already had a few submissions, it turns out lots of people love crisps!
If you do too and want to write a piece, a list, a love letter, a poem, draw a picture about your love of crisps, then email me:

Brown Girls:
Been thinking about making Brown Girl 3 for a while, but not wanting to ask for any submissions whilst asking for submissions for Poor Lass and my crisps zine. Hoping to have a new one by Autumn, so for now I might start on a few pieces I have I want to put in myself. Think I'm going to write a lot about dancing in this issue!

Sick Sad World Tour:
I get to go on tour with a bunch of my faves again this year!! And I think we're going to do a split tour zine to take with us in August!

I'm also gonna try and get through my pile of to read zines I've picked up at zine fairs this year!

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