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Twenty Years

Whilst we reach the halfway point of the new issue of Sugar paper (its a colourful sparkly affair!) I'm taking a time out to talk about ME! This blog is the things we make and do, and we haven't made much of late, I've got a week off, so let's write some stuff.

Twenty years, no we haven't been making Sugar Paper that long (it has been ten years this year though, that needs its own blog and party and line of merch!) but twenty years ago last week two things happened that I remember well/affected me greatly.

Twenty years ago, I had not long since turned 12, I was coming to the end of my first year in secondary school and was soaking up most 90s pop culture...

Saturday 15th June, I was sat in the door hole* of my back door on a bean bag soaking up the sun, possibly wearing stripy leggings when I earned a huge bang. At first I thought my wardrobe had fallen over, but it hadn't, then I thought someone had been shooting in the park on my street, but they hadn't.
Turns out Manchester had just been bombed.
We watched Granada tonight looking at the damage, amazed that no one got hurt (I remember one guy saying he saw a pregnant lady fly through the air!) And that the post box was still standing.
I don't know how long it was til I went into town after the bomb, I remember silly stuff like Topshop get rehoused in Debenhams basement and I used to g there with my sister so she could buy her vintage Adidas track tops and that a few years later M&S was rebuilt, this time the size of a football pitch and with bomb proof glass.

I'm not from Manchester. I was born in Bradford, but moved here when I was like 2, so Manchester is all I've known, I've never moved away and it would take a lot for me to.
Here are 20 things I like about Manchester....

1. Location- I obviously love living in the north, but I also love the fact Manchester is so close to other great cities. an our either side I'm in Liverpool or Leeds, another half an hour Sheffield, the north east. I even like how there's a super fast train to visit the BIG city from time to time.

2. Location part 2-  It's also not too far away from beautiful places, the peak district, the lake district and North Wales. And we have close coast, although I spent all my summer holidays on the East coast (which is better shush!)

3. TV- I love watching TV and I'll watch anything that's set in Manchester (except Cold Feet, I some reason never watched that) I'm not a religious watcher of Corrie, but it pretty much invented the soap and it has lolz (Kylie used to come to my tap class) I loved the Royale Family when it aired and was OBSESSED with Queer as Folk (I used to take a dance class with Donna) and Scott and Bailey is pure class.

4. The worker bee- I said I wanted a bee tattoo a few years back and it is THE hip tattoo to get round here, but I love that the Manchester emblem is the bee. The worker bee, representing hard work dates back to the Industrial revolution.

5. Cottonopolis- this is also the new hip thing, I saw a bar called this the other day and it wasn't even themed, no bar made out of a weaving loom or owt, pfft. But yeah as someone who makes tetxtile art it feels good to live in a city that during the industrial revolution was at the forefront of textile production.

6. Music- ok so I dislike nearly all Manchester bands, Oasis, Stone roses, The Smiths, The Fall, M people, Take Shat, Simply Red, Happy Mondays you get the idea, I don't mind the odd buzzcocks song, but on a whole, nah. I DO however like the fact that most of these bands are made up of unlikely stars (ok mostly men but...) mostly a bunch of working class mates who probably got told at school they wouldn't make owt of themselves. and for that I appreciate it!

7. Architecture- I love old mills, even after a boy in my class at school died in one from falling through the floor. and there's a lot in Manchester. Not too fussed about all the new shiny shit, but apparently we have a great skyline now!

8. Greenery- along with the MANY buildings there are there's some great parks, there's a park on the end of my street and I live just down the road from Heaton Park.

9. Canals- there's canals too. I used to walk down the canal to get to Children's world and to get to Newton Heath to buy trolls, they were always filled with shit, but I like canals!

10. Museums/galleries- we have a good selection of free museums and galleries, my favourite is The museum of science and industry, this was always my favourite trip at school, the weaving looms, the trains, the flight simulator, the sewer with fake shit and that weird baby funeral.

11. Weather- I actually hate rain, and much like the Northwest of America, we've adopted the name the rainy city. It rains here a lot BUT I think that makes me seem hard, plus it means if I go anywhere else it's a nice surprise when it doesn't rain.

12. Vimto-  I like vimto, its my favourite cordial. It comes from Manchester.

13. Afflecks Palace- I may scoff now like an old alt at Afflecks, but I spent many years here, first as a shopping teen, where I made friends, then working in the bead shop for 3 1/2 years where I met some of my best mates, then another year and a half owning my own shop, where again I made more great friends.

14. Size- Manchester is actually quite small compared to other major cities over the world and I like (well 90%) of the time, that I can go to the city centre and see someone I know. It's a manageable size without being too small.

15. Accents- there are a great range of accents in the Greater Manchester borough, I'm big on regional accents.

16. Manchester tart- it tastes nice!

17. Sense of Humour- ok so I probably can't generalise that All Mancunians are funny (we've produced a lot of famous funny folk though) but I feel like on a whole we don't mind having a laugh at ourselves.

18. Granada studio tour- ok so this no longer exists as its all media city now, but I loved it here, walking down the coronation street cobbles!

19. Life changing figures- like Emmeline Pankhurst and Alan Turing.

20. Tough- the fact people think cuz I'm from Manchester I'm dead hard!

Here is a video that young people from the youth centre I volunteer at made about the Manchester bombing....

still with me... OK

Monday 17th June, I was probably in school eating my packed lunch by first lesson. It's also the day Placebo released their debut album.
Anyone that knows me, or knew me through my entire teen years, will know I was a Placebo OBSESSIVE!
I like being a fan of stuff, I like to be passionate like stuff and if I like something I really LOVE it.
My Placebo obsession took up a huge part of my life. I don't mid though, being a fan is one of my favourite hobbies. But twenty years ago I maybe didn't know what was to come!
I didn't know they would open the floodgates for me being an obsessive fan of things!
So for the first time ever I'm compiling my top 20 favourite Placebo songs!
(in a sort of order!)

1. Bionic
2. 36 Degrees
3. You Don't Care about Us
4. Hang on to your IQ
5. Teenage Angst

6. Allergic (to thoughts of mother earth)
7. Miss Moneypenny
8. Scared of Girls
9. Slackerbitch
10. Kitsch Object

11. Come Home
12. Ask for Answers

13. Brick Shithouse
14. Days before you came
15. Second Sight

16. Bruise Pristine
17. Drowning by Numbers
18. Narcoleptic
19. Drag
20. Special Needs

Here's a song they made about twenty years!
(lol at Molkos mullet!)

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