Monday, 21 June 2010

Awesome zine alert!

Taking Cultural Produsction Into Our Own Hands is an awesome, inspiring zine. It was produced to coincide with the workshop (see post below) at London Zine Symposium.

It features a whole host of things, like:
Booking and Organising spoken-word tours, Curating Art Shows, Making Comics, Making poster artwork for gigs and events, Making your own animations, Making your own [documentary] films, Making Zines, Opening your own independent Gallery Space, Organising a Zine Fest, Organising Comedy Nights, Putting on Gigs, Putting on your own club night, Running a Magazine, Running a Zine Distro, Running your own record label, Recording Albums, Opening up your own Vegan Cafe, Screen printing, Setting up a Zine Library, Starting your own publishing house, Starting your own band, Starting your own theatre company, Writing and performing poetry, Writing and Publishing your own Book, Opening your own Shop, Opening your own Comic Shop.
After reading it, I wanted to go out and produce everything! The ever rad Melanie Maddison contacted me to feature in it, where I attempt to give business advice, but I'm no Patrick Bateman!
What this zine does, aside form inspiring, it's provide a good basis for networking, giving a whole host of buy it now, from here.

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knitanything said...

Just received the 2 copies of Sugar Paper I ordered the other day and just wanted to leave a note to say they are great! Think I'm going to have to order the rest of the back issues now! I particularly liked the references to 'Welcome To The Dollhouse' & the hot dog draught excluder is going on my 'to make' list! If you ever fancy it, please feel free to suggest me something to knit over @ my blog
Thanks again! Sophia