Wednesday, 16 June 2010

London zine symposium

So a few weeks ago we headed to London Zine symposium.
We had a cup of tea on the way down there and I paid 25p less for a cup of water too (to aid digestion) we weren't even in the south when I paid for that!
We arrived and wandered round trendy Brick lane (Rusholme's curry mile with a few 'quirky' shops thrown in!)
The symposium was fun!! So busy, like intensely full of people all day, we were sat next to a lovely girl called Rosie who made some ace 'how to' couture pattern zines.
Our stall looked like this:
I, saw lots of familiar faces, and managed to get a workshop about taking cultural production into your own hands, with the as ever ace Melanie Maddison ,Em Ledger, Debi Withers and Patrick Staff.

Afterwards we went for a curry, a rate northern curry, that got so northern I spat my drink out lolling at us all being northern, in particular that favourite northern Dad saying, 'APPY WI THAT!

Next followed a trip to chez Nick n Paul for a eurovision party with cookies and Cherry Lambrini, perfectly followed the next day by a milkshake darn a caff. We got our picture taken with the lovely Denise first!

We then went off to see some quilts, but that's another blog post.