Thursday, 10 June 2010


I say this on the bus as I was getting off (after just having an important craft meeting with Kandy) and grabbed it:The funny thing is, Kandy and I were talking about this just yesterday! I have yet to read the article yet (and I'm not the biggest fan of Stylist magazine*, I mean Dawn Porter column, no thanks!) but I'll let you know what it says.

This got me thinking about the time Kandy and I got interviewed for a Ladyfest fundraising craft night we were helping with. I was on the phone for like 20minutes, trying to be all clever and stuff and talk about feminism and craft, and the main quote I got was:

"I have always liked stuff like Refreshers. I love bright colours."

I mean why would I say that, she was asking me what I sell, then she said like Refreshers I said yeah, she said do you like them I said yeah, I like Wham bars more!
I later apparently describe the music I like a 'fierce', I mean I like ANTM and Tyra Banks, but I would never say that. Oh to be hugely misquoted!

Anyway you can read it
here **

* magazine that comes free with the MEN I think!
**my shop no longer exists, sadly.

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