Monday, 20 September 2010

cARTft Idol!!

A month ago Kandy and I went on a birthday day trip. We started the trip off by going to the
Intuition (The Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection) at The Whitworth Art Gallery.

The exhibition was really good and I enjoyed seeing so many of the works (particularly seeing some of Henry Dagger's work up close and personal!!).

Some work we really liked and was that of.....

Madge Gill
The work of Madge Gill is very intricate and enticing yet seeming quite dark. This may have something to do with her not so smooth upbringing and later becoming very spiritual to the point that she claimed all her work was guided my a spirit named MYRNINTEREST.

Now the reason we want to call her a cARTft idol (that's me trying to put the word art and craft together!) is because not only was she handy with a pen but with a knitting needle, crochet hook and needle and thread.

In the exhibition is also some embroidery that is a huge piece of work and extremely detailed, after learning she did a lot of her work in bed by lamplight and with the vision of just one eye, I was in awe!

It inspires me to see needlework classed as art as it something I am trying to work on myself and so often thing needlework and other crafts can get passed of as just that without gaining extra merit.

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