Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's big..but is it the biggest?!

In case you's national cupcake week, so I've been looking for the world's largest cupcake...a pilgrimage following a trail of sprinkles, edible glitter and icing...and I think I found the most recent 'world's largest cupcake'.. I found lots of images claiming to be 'the one' but then went to the trusty source of the guinness book of records, and I think this is the one...

Baked on 15th August 2009 in Detroit, they were making an even bigger one than this but it expanded and broke the oven...DAAAMN..I'm not surprised though! They were determined to do it and 'baked through the night' to beat the record that had only been set one month previously, the cake weighed 555.197kg

Here's the official with his tapemeasure..oh aye, it's a big un, we'll give em the record! The one that they beat the record for was pretty special cos it was for Spongebob's 10th anniversary, here it is on top of a tower of cupcakes.

Totally small compared to the above effort but it was a one-woman feat, no 'gourmet team' on this job...and it was for spongebob!

Now I feel like breaking a record...any suggestions of which record attempt Sugar Paper Gang should try to break on a postcard please.

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