Sunday, 19 September 2010

Novelty Cakes

So it seems I have managed to get to the end of National Cupcake week without eating, making or even sniffing a cupcake, this must be some sort of crime!! I had every intention to knock a few out and get them on here, but my week has been full (and not of cupcakes), working, making zineing and watching The Runaways film (finally) have taken up all my time, and therefore made for a pretty shoddy week of cupcake blogging, find a much better one here from the cool Carla.

As it's getting late (ish!) and I get bored of trawling the net for pictures after like 3minutes, I shall post a few of my favourite novelty cakes (because you all know how much we love novelty!):
two things I loved as a child (and still now, Mario and Lego)

check out those bad boys!!! They're taken from the book Hello Cupcake, that should be landing on my doorstep any day now, so when I eventually get some free time, expect me to knock out so real (novelty cake) beauts!!

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