Sunday, 16 September 2012

Drink carton coin purse/wallet

Since February of this year I have been volunteering at the local youth centre (it's not some pokey room but a massive building full of awesome stuff)every Thursday evening delivering/assistant with arts and crafts workshops to 8-11 year olds (they are MAD!). I've made a whole heap off stuff from Paper Beads (this may pop up in Sugar paper #10) to mono prints. When eco crafter Alice Eleanor joined the team I was learning a few more things. One of my favourites was how to make a coin purse/wallet from a drinks carton!

This is how...

You will need:
-Drink carton
-Double sided tape
-Hole punch

-Elastic band

1. Make sure you drink carton is all drunk! Wash and dry. Then cut off the top and bottom

2. Flatten and fold into three sections as pictured.

3. Unfold then de-flatten! Now re flatten but by pressing the top to the bottom with the sides tucked in, as pictured.

4. Cut off the top section I (at the fold) BUT leave the back section. This will act as your purse flap. Neaten by rounding off the edges.

5. Cover the middle section with double sided tape. The fold up the bottom section and stick it securely to the middle section.

6. Punch a hole in the middle of the flap. Thread through the elastic band. Wrap round the purse and then  your done!

Fill with all your money! I used a slim drinks carton. To make a larger wallet style, use a wider carton!

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