Friday, 21 September 2012


So I'm not sure if everyone knows what Kandy and I do as a day job. I mean we wish we could just make Sugar Paper and spend the rest of our time doing a whole load of fun stuff, but sadly we don't. Kandy's day job does have some crafty cross over, she teaches knitted textiles to lucky (university) students in Manchester. I, on the other hand work in retail!This vocation (which I have done for pretty much ten years) does have some crafty cross over. I have sold beads (they are well crafty!), second hand clothes (3 times! (repairs and alterations, well crafty!)), handmade goods (clearly crafty), sweets (edible craft?!?), cakes (made by my crafty hand), fancy dress (alterations and making FABULOUS outfits for hen do's is crafty!) and cosmetics (can soap be on!!)

At the start (and the middle) of the year I was working in a charity shop, which is obviously loads of fun. But I left. And am currently about to embark on the world of soap and smelly things, by becoming a Christmas temp at Lush!

So this morning I was feeling sorry for myself (woke up at 5am with some weird trapped nerve massive back ache thing, that I still have now). When I got cheered up by a surprise parcel from Lush that contained their new invention FUN!

two of my favourite things as a child were Play Doh (I know that's brand specific, my mum used to make modelling clay but I love the little logo of the kid wearing a beret!) and Crazy Foam.
I used to get Crazy Foam every year for Christmas. It's basically foamy soap in a can! You see I like bathing but I get bored easily so don't stay in long, with Crazy Foam I could sit for ages in the bath playing with it. I mostly used to give myself a foam beard and shave it off with the fin of an Aeriel (the little mermaid) figurine I got from a McDonalds happy Meal.

ANYWAY,  what I'm trying to say is Fun is two of my favourite things combined, it's a modelling putty that is a soap. YES A SOAP!
You can use it as a bubble bar, use it as a soap, use it as a shampoo AND sculpt it!

It comes in five colours:
Green: zesty lemon and lime
Pink: Sweet benzoin and tonka
Yellow: vanilla
Red: mandarin and orange
Blue: Moroccan chamomile and lavender

I think the green and the pink are my favourites (Fawn Gehweiler colour schemes for life!). But to cheer myself up I decided to mold my new soaps. I obviously put a crafty spin on it....

I would just like to state that I might have loved playing with Play Doh (and Fimo) as a child but never really had the skill for sculpting anything that isn't felt or fabric!

I'm not being paid to promote Lush products or anything, I just thing this stuff is awesome, I love this for Christmas and you should all know, Sugar Paper love all things novelty!!

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