Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Teen TV zines. Part 3

So to conclude our trilogy of Teen TV posts I present to you....

I had the idea of making a zine all bout My So-Called Life's infamous yet never seen character Tino at the start of this year. So I kindly asked a bunch of super talented people to send me what or who they think Tino is. the results are great and quite varied.
I then put all 11 submissions (including my own) in the zine.
I felt the quality of the printing of the zine didn't do the work justice, I was also sad that a lot of people who were wanting to contribute, didn't have chance. So I have made a tumblr to show what people contributed in all their glory AND to let those who never got a chance but still want to tell the world who they think Tino is.

and watch the mystery of Tino unravel HERE

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