Monday, 19 November 2012

All I want for Christmas....

So last year on our Sugar paper Christmas list, I stated that I wanted a pair of snazzy tap shoes and Kandy wanted a ticket to the HP tour. Well I got my tap shoes, sadly Kandy didn't get her HP tour ticket, but it's OK she got her sen one for her birthday and we all went and had a rad time.

So it's that time of year where we give you a helping hand to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones...

For your twittering twin:  By this I mean someone who loves, or is an owl, not someone who you speak to only in 140 characters (although you can get them this too, you might only have virtual friends, or your virtual friends might be nicer than your actual friends) ANYWAY for those who likes owls, then you need to get this from Camille Rose Garcia !
Camille Rose Garcia makes amazing arts and creates some of the best characters, so imagine my delight when I saw these! Get a Hoot here!

For your mystical mate:  So maybe, like me you decided to finally watch Buffy in it's it entirety and now you feel like you are best friends with Willow Rosenberg and want to get her a present (not for Christmas, she's Jewish) or maybe you have an actual friend who is mystical. Well then they need this Ouija Board Cushion by our very own Kandy's Knit and Destroy. She also has a load of other witchy stuff that GLOWS IN THE DARK TOO. All from HERE!

For your forsaken friend: Do you have a serial dating friend? Or someone who dates the wrong guys (like my pal Buffy, oh wait she's not my friend!) Then they will probably see the funny side of Camille Smithwick's WLTM range. Check out these posters of two from the WLTM book! Get in touch with Camille to get one!

For your pukey pal; everyone has one of those friends who loves a bit of vom, gets excited by pustules, and partial to a missing tooth gag, then you need to get them a special Garbage Felt Kid of themselves made by me (Seleena Laverne Daye!)
Get in touch to order one!

For you're bunny buddy: This one is for your friend who likes all things hoppy and furry (not your friend Anya as she is frightened of bunnies!). Jessicka Addams used to front the rad band Jack Off Jill and now she makes awesome art! get a bunny pin HERE

For your cranky crony: If you have a friend who loves cats and is a bit cranky then you need to  get them one of Alison Erika Forde's art brooches! And if they don't like cats, she has other designs that are equally awesome to Cranky cat. get it HERE

For your Apocalyptic ally: Well, apparently the world is gonna end before Christmas, or so you're friend keeps telling you! You know what that friend needs? An omnibus copy of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles! If nothing else, they can use it as a weapon against whatever it is they meet on the Apocalypse!

What everyone you know wants: Well if the world is going to end before Christmas, you might not want to waste your money, so you should just enter the Sugar Paper Raffle. First of all it's cheap, second if you don't win something for you you might win something for a friend. Third, if you don't win something for you, it doesn't matter the world 's going to end. And lastly if you do win, something for EVERYONE then it will arrive before the Apocalypse so you will be able to give you're gifts to everyone. GET YOUR TICKET HERE!

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