Thursday, 3 January 2013

All the good stuff 2012 - the Kandy edition!

So, I actually do have a bad memory, so I'm going to write things as they come to memory and go from there. There will be some crossover with Seleena's list in here, but we hang out together...a lot!

-Roller Derby, there was a LOT of this in 2012, and a lot of achievements too. Playing my first bout with the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls' A-team, Captaining our B-team to a home and an away win! Playing as part of the intraleague tem the 'death leopards' and getting some awards along the way.

-I started a big exciting and still secret (until later this year) project for Knit and Destroy, ohmygodiwanttotellyouimightburst!

-Went on the roadtrip of a lifetime up the Pacific NW coast of America with Ben, and fell in love with it.

-Visited the Harry Potter studio tour, I am a massive fan, there are no words to summarise this....I wrote a blog about it though, so if you are interested, you can read that! 

-Had FUN..(more fun than most of the kids that were there by the looks of them) at Legoland.

-Sugar Paper reached issue 10, we did it, double figures.

-I gave a conference paper about knitting patterns at Cambridge, and made friends with my craft idol Freddie Robbins in the process, she is lovely, and we have similar brains.

-Went to a festival, the same small, indie festival we went to last time, at a railway museum yeah!

-Got tattooed by Angelique Houtkamp in Amsterdam, had one of those 'minibreaks' at the same time, bloody love Amsterdam.

-Gave blood, they actually got a useable amount out of me, very 'appy wi that!

-Saw the Yayoi Kusama exhibition in London, which inspired and moved me more than any art ever has in my whole life, I wanted to live in that exhibition.

-For my 29th birthday, we learnt to trapeze, it was super-fun, we got to do loads of moves and tricks and the instructor was amazing.

- Hanging out, and having a laff, of course!

Here's my photo for the year, Jamming for SSRG's A-team against Auld reekie rollergirls in a tournament in Glasgow, woop!

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