Sunday, 20 January 2013


Before we start, yes this is just a blog about jigsaws!

For Christmas Kandy bought me a jigsaw of a Tara McPherson image!!! (in case you thought we were a couple of wild, cool girls*, then we're not, I like to do jigsaws!)

I've always liked doing jigsaws, my sister and I used to do them all the time when we were  little, we had a set few that we did, a round floral one, a round country garden one, a seaside street rectangle, and a cartoon one of comedy mishaps at the beach (1000 piece) were some of our favourites. We did them so often it wasn't even a challenge. We both did certain parts on each jigsaw, like on the flower one, I did the bluebells and my sister always did the foxglove.

Anyway I was worried I wouldn't have the jigsaw talent (I did this 420 piece in just under 3 hours, so I'm a little rusty, but that did involve a few tea breaks and cat interruptions!)

Started off separating the edge pieces, and put those together.

Made the mistake of doing the easy bit first, oops. Tea break time

Ned comes to help.

Then Chip comes to help too

And finally it's done!!

I of course put the edge pieces in a separate bag when I packed it away, make it easier next time

So yeah it turns out I still love doing jigsaws!

So here's some songs about jigsaws or something

*I know from Harry Potter obsession to travelling halfway across the globe for a comic con makes us seem totally wild and cool, sorry to mislead you!

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