Saturday, 19 January 2013

The First Cut; exhibition

We stated before how much we love paper art (in this blog here!) and so I've been meaning to get down to The First Cut exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery for a while. Kandy had taken her students down a while ago, but I made it there myself this week.

I LOVED IT! I can't remember who made what and which my favourite pieces were as I didn't make any notes, take any photos or even get my hands on accompanying literature (if there was any).

I can tell you that there are some amazing pieces, from gigantic, to tiny and it blew my mind how anyone can make art on such large or small scales with paper!!!

I really liked Andrea Dezso's work,

but my highlight was the room full of big Kara Walker silhouettes LOVE!!!

It has another week left so go and see it if you can!!

(photos stolen from Alison Erika Forde's blog!)

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