Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank holiday!

Working in retail, bank holidays don't really mean anything to me, but I have a weeks holiday this week, so today I tret me sen to a 'bank holiday',
The sun was shining and so it was time for the annual blackberry picking trip with my mum to the park on the end of my street. We timed it just right this year and found a whole new load of patches.

We also bumped into another mother and daughter blackberry picking combo! We gave them pointers to the best places for the biggest berries! We also stopped by the duck pond and I got a can of fizzy Vimto, bank hol treat!!

Gonna make some jam and most likely a crumble, as I love crumble!!

I spent the afternoon playing with Lego!! I dug it all out from on top of my wardrobe and got going.

I found some cool bits to make my known mini figures, but mostly got it out so I could make myself a little display thing for my minifgs (real and customised!)

There's a selection of mini figs from different series' (mostly the cool lady ones!) and ones I've made myself and finally put up the killjoys ones Kandy got me last Christmas!!.
I love Lego!

Then the rest of the day was spent working on something new, eating and watching TV. Bank holidays are alright!

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