Thursday, 22 August 2013

Party down!!!! Birthday weekend!

As I previously mentioned, last week was a full on birthday week. Last weekend we had some full on party action, here's what went down!

Friday was Katie's (my only friend remaining from school) birthday. She was hoping the rain would hold off (it never does this time of year) and have a tropical party!
Sadly I had to sell moderately priced soap late that day so didn't get round there til later on, but fear not there was still plenty of cocktail sausages left (my favourite buffet snack!) and pizza in the oven.

I also made a rainbow cake* and made her wait until I got there to cut it. I got some sparkling candles that I mis-read as sparklers and they were a bit of a let down!

Then there was present opening, I bloody love present opening! Although my mum rescued a kitten the other week and gave that to kitten, so the rest of us shouldn't have even bothered, we weren't gonna top that!

Then, as always at Katie's we danced to some hip hop beats 'til late, with glow sticks, who knew glow sticks were so much fun.

We left at a semi reasonable hour as we were driving over to Kandy's the next morning.

Saturday saw us collecting Katie bright and early (despite her having birthday hangover) but we had to because as a birthday surprise we were taking a slight detour en route to Chesterfield to visit Hadfield AKA ROYSTON VASEY!!!!

We had a walk round and tried to go to the café called Café Royston, but it was closed, instead went to another one which took like ten hours for our order to arrive, but £5.30 for 4 teacakes and 3 brews, winners! But this meant we couldn't wander round to much as we had to get to Kandy's to set up the party!

Kandy, carrying on from her trapezing birthday last year, (and Sugar Paper 12) decided to turn her house into a big top for a circus party. Complete with coconut shy, hook-a-duck, snake charming, hula hooping, baton twirling, popcorn, candy floss and cinder toffee oh and snacks galore!

There were some ace costumes, from a mime, to a jester, snake charmer, ring leader, Pierrot and a hook a duck outfit!
I used the big top skirt pattern from last Sugar paper issue 12 and the cape pattern from issue 10 (I think ha!) to turn myself into a big top and Kandy rocked the cape a s a ringleader.

I even mastered vegan baking and made a pretty awesome cake*, if I say so myself and used the rest of those disappointing sparkling candles!

Think we all party too hard/early and got sleepy by past midnight, no time for Heartthrob game and face masks. But who cares, we had a ball.

I love birthdays!!

*I will put up the cake recipes as soon as Kandy is back from holiday and can send me a picture of the cake I made her!

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Maddie Lamb said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Happy birthday Kandy! I want to see the rainbow cake!